The greenest and cleanest city in Albania, Përmet is filled with a positive energy you feel immediately. The "City of Roses" — as Përmet is known — is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and beautiful countryside and lies along the Vjosa River. Famous for folk music, delicious recipes (especially sweets like gliko), and rich history, visiting Përmet is like taking a trip into nature's wonders.


Nona Day

A three-day unique event that brings all people together, young and old generations, preserves tradition and turn the central park, during the weekend into a big home where it looks like everybody’s grandmother’s home. Since it’s basically about grandmothers sharing their baking and cooking skills, people will gather to eat from granny’s hands, laugh and spend time with each other. Nona Day aims to bring dialogue between generations instead of the growing gap between old and young in these times of increasing anonymisation in urban everyday life.

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Feast of St. Mary of Bënja

The religious holiday of St. Mary of Bënjë is celebrated in the village of Bënjë on November 12. This holiday is attended by many orthodox believers, residents of the areas of Çarshova, Petran, Piskovë and Përmet. The peculiarity of this religious holiday is that all the people gather at midnight in the church of the village Bënjë, where, according to a legend, a crackling noise is heard coming from something "invisible."

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Getting around Përmet

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