Unique Site
Sopot Waterfall

In the south of Përmet, just below Nemërçkë Mountain, the journey to the 20-meter-high Sopot Waterfall begins in the old village of Stëmbec. The path is moderate and passes through green pastures. It offers spectacular views of Nemërçkë Mountain site and its glacial areas. To access this trail, park in the village of Stëmbec and walk to the meadow below the village center.

The trail is clear and continues gently towards the hill. From here, you can see the waterfall, and the trail has some exposed parts where you need to be careful, but it is safe. The waterfall is at an altitude of 600 meters below the top of Mount Nemërckë. Water flows from a large karstic spring, flowing into fluvial glacial deposits. The experience will bring you closer to nature and remind you why you chose Albania for your holiday.

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