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Gliko is undoubtedly everyone's favorite treat in Përmet. Not just a sweet preserve but an important ingredient of Albanian cuisine, it is made from ... see more many different fruits and vegetables. “Walnut husk” gliko is made with whole, green (unripe) walnuts, eggplant, wild figs, plums, and apricots. The method of production depends on the type of gliko, but it involves the careful selection of fruits, which are then left to soak in a mixture of cold water and lime to stiffen. The fruits are mixed with sugar and boiled for an hour. Lemon is added at various intervals to maintain bright color. When the fruit has absorbed the syrup, the gliko is cooled and packaged in glass jars. It is served at celebrations, family feasts, and to welcome guests.

Gjellë shqeto

The women from Përmet are famous for preserving the area’s culinary traditions including gliko desserts, savory dishes, and tasty pies. One of the ... see more most delicious Permet traditions is shqeto: a light creamy soup, ideal for a lunch. It is best with lamb, and it is served as the first dish at weddings and funeral ceremonies. This soup is perfect with fresh salad and toasted bread.

Chicken with crumbs, known as "drudhe"

This traditional, chicken broth-based soup is filled with crumbs, roasted chicken, and savory herbs. Despite ... see morehaving a different name in different regions — Thërrime, Rroshnica, or “Dromka — the ingredients are simple, like the recipe itself. The "crumb dough" can be prepared from scratch with only two main ingredients: flour and egg yolks. To make this dish, you need farm-fresh chicken, butter, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. The creamy, simple, satisfying soup is served warm and is perfect for cold days to boost your immune system. It goes well with salad, olives, sour cream, or even pickles.


Reshedi is a typical traditional dessert of the Permet region. Though it looks simple, preparation requires patience and practice. Made with starch, ... see more butter oil and a little milk, it’s topped with syrup. A portion of reshedie will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.

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