How to reach
How to reach Përmet

Prmet is a small city in Albania's southern east, close to the Greek border crossing points of Kakavia and Merzani. It is 70 kilometers away from the historical town of Gjirokastra, and 245 kilometers away from the capital city of Albania, Tirana. Prmet is accessible by road and by air via Tirana's international airport.

Getting to Përmet by air

Përmet is accessible by air from the Mother Teresa International Airport in Tirana, 238 kilometers away. You can then get from Tirana to Përmet by rental car, bus, or taxi. If you take a car, it will take you 3 hours and 30 minutes, whereas a bus takes approximately 5 hours, including transfers, or a little longer if there’s traffic.

Getting to Përmet by road

There are several possible routes to reach the city of Përmet by road. From the center of Tirana you have to follow the motorway to Durrës. Then from Durrës, the highway passes through Golem, Rrogozhinë, Lushnje city and in Levan, you must exit the highway and take the inland road toward Tepelena. 
You then pass Qesarat, Memaliaj and Uji i Tohte (Tepelenë). From there, follow the road to the village of Lekël and upon arriving near the village of Lekël, turn left to cross the bridge of Lekël. You will also pass the bridge of Dragot, Këlcyrë, until, after 245 kilometers, you arrive in the city of Përmet.
The other itinerary includes the passage of the city of Korçe. This route includes passing through the cities of Elbasan, Librazhd, Prrenjas, Pogradec and Korçe. From there, follow the road to Erseke, Leskovik until you reach the city of Përmet. Getting from Tirana to Berat by bus is affordable and easy. According to the timetable at the station, buses leave every hour from Tirana’s South Albania Regional Bus Terminal and the fare is 1200 lek per person for a single journey.
Information updated in December 2022.
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